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A History of Excellence with Tartaric Chemical Corporation

The Tartaric Chemicals legacy began a generation ago in Milan, Italy. Founded by a lone PHD chemist, the original aim of Tartaric Chemicals was to provide high quality, affordable tartaric acid to food processors, wine makers, and other members of the food-related chemicals industry.

Since our inception, Tartaric Chemicals has enjoyed strong and stable relationships with large consumers of tartaric acid, such as Pfizer, and zealously poured profits into creating increasingly effective food chemical solutions for an expanding network of customers.

Once our office in New York City was established, Tartaric Chemicals leapt across the Atlantic and began investing in a massive distribution and storage network.


This network continues to offer superior delivery options and shipping rates for our food chemical consumers coast to coast.

Since the construction of our state of the art blending facility in Modesto, CA, Tartaric Chemicals has had the ability to create customized solutions for a multitude of food-related applications, satisfying the needs of the flourishing food processing industry.

Today, Tartaric Chemicals remains a stable supplier of tartaric acid and other food related chemicals. From customized blending to specialized delivery to repackaging, Tartaric Chemicals is the premiere full-service solution for food chemical consumers and food processing facilities throughout the nation.

     Headquarters: 1801 Reliance St, Modesto, CA 95358
     Phone (209) 537-7190 Fax (209) 537-7199

     New York Office: (212) 752-0727 Fax (212) 207-8037