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A Modern Facility

Featuring a sealed white room, a testing laboratory, and a processing facility that can provide custom-crafted food grade chemicals in a wide range of configurations and compositions, our state of the art production and blending facility can fulfill your order with exacting precision.

In 2011 TTCC added a complete food grade white room/clean room for the purpose of blending chemicals and creating custom formulations.

A Scientific Approach

Whether you need to test the purity or potency of existing compounds, analyze your present blends to ensure regulatory compliance, or ascertain and produce the ideal formulation of food grade chemicals for your particular needs, our educated staff has the training and experience to exceed your expectations.

     Headquarters: 1801 Reliance St, Modesto, CA 95358
     Phone (209) 537-7190 Fax (209) 537-7199

     New York Office: (212) 752-0727 Fax (212) 207-8037