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Tartaric Acid 50% Solution

TTCC is now offering a 50% L (+) Tartaric Acid Solution for food and the wine industry. The blend (Tartaric Acid and Reverse Osmosis Purified Water) is prepared at our Modesto facility under tight clean room and Food Grade specifications.

The use of Tartaric Acid in the liquid form represents an improvement for the wine industry resulting in easier product handling and additions in the production line, more accurate dosing methods and finally higher process control traceability.


The solution has a specific gravity of 10.5 lbs/gallons. Based on the common industry standards for Tartaric Acid application as pH adjuster, acidity enhancer in wine, the use of this solution does not constitute a significant introduction of water in the finished product. TTCC’s 50% L (+) Tartaric Acid Solution is available in 0.5 or 1 gallon HDPE bottles, 5 gallons pails, 55 gallons poly drums with the option of the dripless liquid dispensing system, 330 gallons tote bins or 5,000 gallons truckloads quantities, to satisfy the needs of wineries of all sizes.

L (+) Tartaric Acid, 50% Solution
Specific Gravity: 10.50lb/gallon


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